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November 2014

Sector 67 Tour

Today we went to Sector67, a local hackerspace in Madison!

We used our time there to engrave our beautiful SVG logo into wood circles using a giant laser cutter.

The wood circles are about 3 inches in diameter and have a small hole cut through them so they can be attached to things as decorations.

We made about a dozen in total, with a few left over for anyone who wasn't able to make it that day.

They're certainly a much quicker souvenir than 3d-printing something — these only took about 45 seconds each to laser-engrave.

We also got to play with a Kinect application which scanned peoples' heads!

We're not sure what to do with the scan yet, but I'm sure we'll put it to good use.

September 2014

Enlight Mailing List Sign-Up

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August 2014

2014-2015 Enlight Kickoff Meeting

In case you missed it, here's the email we sent out on 9/8 announcing our kickoff event:

Hello Potential New Members!

We are so excited to announce the Enlight Student Organization kick-off is taking place tomorrow, Tuesday, September 9th! Enlight meets every Tuesday at 6:00 PM in front of Room 1099 within the Engineering Centers Building. If you do not know where ECB is located, please click here for a Google interactive map/directions.

We couldn't be more thrilled with what Enlight has in store for its newest members this year! Between Arduino projects, phone apps, changes in fountain hardware, Sector 67 field trips, and web building; we host all you would ever need for an engineering club! We will be providing short demonstrations on a variety of topics that Enlight has to offer, including a glance at our new server, student project planning, and even the history of the Maquina fountain!

This is a very relaxed and open kick-off, so there is no need to prepare anything - just bring yourself, a pen, and perhaps even a friend!

Hope to see you there!

July 2014

Enlight Returns Fall 2014

Enlight will return better than ever in Fall 2014 with a redesigned website and RESTful fountain control API — stay tuned!

In the meantime, subscribe to our mailing list for updates and announcements!

Our kickoff meeting will take place on Tuesday, September 9th at 6pm outside of room 1099, first floor Engineering Centers Building (ECB).